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Correctly Installing Your Liner

Installing the liner incorrectly is one of the most common issues we see. Customers who find it hard to insert the ventilator through the cutout on the liner most likely have the liner orientated upside down. The liner is designed to be recessed in the hood. The small flanges on the liner should be facingContinue reading “Correctly Installing Your Liner”


Converting To Ductless

This post will focus on the different ways to convert your ventilator to a ductless or recirculating ventilator. First and foremost, we recommend venting outside when possible. If venting outside is not possible, we have multiple options to convert your ventilator to ductless. The first step is choosing the appropriate ductless kit. We offer threeContinue reading “Converting To Ductless”

Mounting A Castlewood Chimney Range Hood

In this video, we will go through the process of installing a Castlewood Rustic Shiplap Chimney Hood. We filmed the entire process without any professional editing to show how this would be installed by a DIYer. Note that in this video a ductless kit is also being installed. There are multiple ways to convert ourContinue reading “Mounting A Castlewood Chimney Range Hood”